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How much is charged for the shipment?

Shipping is free of charge. Just give us a bit of time to ship it to your location. We create and store our pics in Poland.

Is this only a pic?

No, it’s not only a pic, it is also a tool to storage your memories.

What is the average size of the pic?

Most of our pics are 50 x 40 cm, 4 cm thick. Yet we can create something different if you wish. Just let us know your desired size and we will let you know whether it is doable. Different size may cost different.


What are they made of?

Our pics are mostly made of eco canvas & wood.

How long will it take?

We should be able to create and deliver the pic to you in approximately 60 days.

Can I have pics other than shown here?

Yes, sure. We will create new art every now and then. Follow us on Instagram to be up to date:

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